New Delhi, Nov 4: Primetime news anchor Arnab Goswami sent shockwaves across the media circles by announcing his resignation from Times Now. Goswami had been heading the channel since 2006, when he was appointed as editor-in-chief. Under his vision, Times Now turned into the most popular brand of television journalism. His two-hour primetime debate show – The Newshour, continued to top the charts for seven consecutive years. Goswami became the most controversial, yet the most popular face of primetime news television. According to Exchange for Media, he has the most loyal fan base, which allowed him to capture 70 per cent of the audience in the segment. Goswami’s decision to quit Times Now was revealed on Tuesday, when he addressed the editorial meeting. In his farewell speech, Goswami was evidently emotional. Also Read - Now Vistara Airlines Bans Kunal Kamra From Flying Till April 27, He Says 'Neither Sorry, Nor Surprised'

“Whatever I may have said to you – woh maaf kar dena (forgive me for that). I have only done it because I wanted this channel to be up here, We have nothing but our professional capabilities. So many people I shouted at…I am must have done something really right to receive so much love,” Goswami said. He further gave a glimpse of his future move, saying, “Game has just begin… Nobody can teach us independent media.” Also Read - Kunal Kamra Flying Ban: Delhi High Court Gives DGCA Eight Weeks to Consider His Plea Against Airlines

According to sources, Goswami is aiming to launch a global media outlet, with himself at the helm. Reports also claimed that he is in touch with a South India-based financial entity who could join hands with him. However, no confirmation could be made in this regard. The new venture of Goswami would be more globally oriented, as he has several times (including in his final speech), expressed the need to bring India’s point of view in global journalism. While speaking to Russia Today earlier in the year, Arnab had stated that the hegemony of western media should come to an end. Also Read - IndiGo vs Kunal Kamra: Banned by Four Airlines, Comedian Flies Out of Mumbai With Vistara

Arnab Goswami’s departure has left a void on primetime television. Although his brand of journalism was condemned by critics, his firebrand style of conducting debates continued to impress a major section of viewers. Lately, Arnab turned into the most-hated journalist for opposers of the current regime, who accused him of exhibiting sycophancy towards the Narendra Modi government. Interestingly, the point made by Arnab regarding independent media and bringing an Indian perspective in global journalism, was quite identical with what the Prime Minister stated in his address at the Ramnath Goenka Journalism Awards on Wednesday.