In a bizarre incident, a man from Arunachal Pradesh accidentally swallowed a toothbrush while he was brushing his teeth.Also Read - Arunachal Pradesh Imposes Night Curfew, Orders Closure of Schools, Colleges Spiralling Covid Cases | Full Guidelines Here

The incident happened on September 15 when the 39-year-old man, a resident of Roing Lower Dibang Valley, was brushing his teeth in the morning. While he was trying to clean the back of his throat, the 19-centimetre long toothbrush accidentally slipped inside. Also Read - Breaking Stereotypes: Lesbian Couple Get Engaged With Commitment Rings In Nagpur, Wedding in Goa

He was rushed to him to a nearby clinic which then referred him to the Bakin Pertin General Hospital where doctors conducted an X-ray but could not locate the toothbrush in the man’s oesophagus. A surgeon suggested that the brush must have entered the stomach and adviced him to get admitted to a hospital for a laparotomy test. Also Read - Brazilian President Bolsonaro Hospitalized In Sao Paulo For Obstructed Gut, May Need Surgery

Luckily, he didn’t experience much pain after ingesting the toothbrush and only had a minor discomfort on his upper abdomen.

A minor surgery was then performed to take the toothbrush out from his abdomen.

“It took about 30- 35 minutes to operate upon him and take the toothbrush out from his abdomen. The patient is kept at the surgical ward in BPMH and his condition is completely alright,” Dr. Bomni Tayeng told Arunachal 24.

Tayeng was surprised how someone could swallow a whole toothbrush. Meanwhile, the patient’s condition is said to be stable and was discharged from the hospital later.