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Arvind Kejriwal is back and with style! Talk about politics and it is inevitable to omit ‘The Chosen One’. With Delhi Assembly Elections round the corner (once again), the political scenario is abuzz with lot of electoral activities in the national capital. There are many spoof videos that surface especially when elections are due in a region. With Delhi in the spotlight, an impersonator of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader a.k.a. Arwink Kejriwal makes a return to one of the parody videos which will leave you in guffaws. Also Read - Centre Needs to Grant Rs 12,000 crores For 10 years to MCD: Delhi CM Kejriwal

It is well known that Arvind Kejriwal’s kraantikari interview with Punya Prasoon Bajpai of TV news channel Aaj Tak backfired on AAP during the Lok Sabha Elections 2014. However, this interview isn’t fixed or alleged to be scripted but is one of the honest interviews you’ll come across. Arvind Kejriwal is not alone here but also with his (parody) brother, Archink Kejriwal. A series of questions are answered and eventually the laugh riot begins. Also Read - Delhi: Mayors of All Three Municipal Corporations Holds Sit-in Protest Outside CM Kejriwal's Residence

Arvind Kejriwal is posed with questions such as how does he as a common man run his household? Another question directed towards the imposter is that there was a report of Arvind Kejriwal himself having a Swiss bank account; True or False? Arvind Kejriwal replies in a candid mood which will want you to view the video again and again and again.

The funny-cum-honest interview ends when the interviewer asks Arvind Kejriwal to sing a song for them. Arvind Kejriwal obliges by saying that being an ‘aam aadmi’ he is bound to fulfill a fellow common man’s request. Which song does Arvind Kejriwal sings and what happens next is for you to enjoy!

Watch the video of Arvind Kejrwal being slapped for singing below: