The brand new campaign of Rajasthan Jaane Kya Dikh Jaaye has turned out to be a creative collection of work. The serene place Rajasthan needed a campaign like this to share with the world the different perspective of different traveler and how this colourful city of massive forts has something for everyone. Rajasthan looks different through the eyes of different travelers, that is what this campaign is all about. Also Read - Rajasthan Man Dies 5 Days After Getting COVID Vaccine Dose; AEFI Panel Says Death Not Related to Jab

The diverse culture, warm people, pink city and the amazing sunsets in the desert everything here looks magnificent. When this group travelers were exploring to the corners of Rajasthan, right in the middle of the desert Thar they seemed lost. They were lost and were looking for some help, that is when Arya found his Rajasthan! Through the eyes of Arya, it became Aryasthan. You will love how people in Rajasthan also come up with a creative Jugaad, right in the middle of the deserts. This campaign lets you explore the lesser known facets of this inviting landscape. Watch the video below and transport you into a folk lore of Aryasthan- Rajasthan through Arya’s eyes. Also Read - Rajasthan Congress MLA Gajendra Singh Shaktawat Dies at 48

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