New Delhi: Precious lives destroyed, families grieving, violent mobs baying for each other’s blood! The last few days have been agonizing, to say the least, with helplessness and hopelessness staring us in the face of such atrocious tragedy unfolding in the national capital. Also Read - 'Please Don't Preach us Rajdharma': BJP Slams Sonia Gandhi For Her Remarks on Delhi Violence

We saw the monstrous face of Delhi, like never before. However, all hope is not lost because if there is evil, there is immense goodness around us too. Amid the communal clashes, residents of Delhi belonging to different communities, are now coming together to defeat those forces who seek to divide them. Also Read - Delhi Violence: 'We Echo PM Modi's Call For Calm, Urge Political Parties to Maintain Peace', Says United States

Here are some heartfelt gestures which give us hope in such dark times: Also Read - Delhi Violence: Death Toll Reaches 38, Over 500 Held For Questioning, AAP Suspends Tahir Hussain | Top 10 Points

Gurdwaras and Churches open their doors

Several Gurdwaras across Delhi said that victims who required help were welcome to take shelter within the premises. As per reports, volunteers at Nanaksar Gurdwara, located near Bhajanpura, said that several people had come to the shrine to take shelter on Monday night.

In the wake of violence, National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) too urged the Churches and Christian Organisations in the vicinity of the affected areas to respond appropriately to those in need.

Yamuna Vihar citizens form human chain

Regardless of religion and faith, citizens in Yamuna Vihar came together to form a human chain to ensure that school children are escorted safely amidst violence.

“Hindus and Muslims have been living peacefully in the area since a long time. Such madness is new. This is the reason why we have decided to defeat the communal forces together,” said Mohammed Sajid, a resident of Yamuna.

Dalit community of Seelampur shows the way

In yet another heartfelt gesture, the Dalit community of Seelampur blocked the roads leading to Muslim localities and stopped rioters from entering their homes.

Hindus and Sikhs vow to protect their Muslim  brothers

In many areas of Delhi like Ramesh Park and Lalita Park, Hindus and Sikhs have promised to protect their Muslim neighbours if rioters tried to cause any trouble. Hindu residents in Ramesh Park made sure to comfort their Muslim neighbours, and assured them that they would stand by them and defend them, should the violence reach their locality.

Hindu and Sikh communities in Lakshmi Nagar too reached out to Muslim families and assured them they won’t let anyone destroy peace in the area.

Man saves the home of a Muslim family from being burnt down

After a mob set fire to a Muslim family’s car and bike in Yamuna Vihar, a local BJP ward councillor, who is also an old friend of the family, intervened and stopped the mob from causing any more harm. Other residents of Yamuna Vihar too wielded sticks and lathis to guard the region from outsiders.

Hindus offer shelter to Muslims in temple

Locals in Bajrangbali Mohalla in Maujpur, came together and took their Muslim neigbours into the Bajrang Bali Temple, assuring them of safety. Muslim families too have been providing shelter to Hindus in Mustafabad and providing a safe refuge to Hindus in their homes ever since the riots broke.

Hoping that this insanity ends and love and brotherhood returns!