New Delhi: Spreading its wrath across the globe, Covid-19 continues to be unabated, disrupting lives and families while driving the global economy into its worst predicament. Meanwhile, with fresh 90,802 new cases, India’s tally of coronavirus cases crossed the 42 lakh-mark on Monday, the second-highest after the US. Also Read - Coronavirus: India’s Total Tally Crosses 4 Million, Five States Record Highest Number of Cases | Key Points

While most nations are facing the brunt, there are in fact a few lucky countries that have escaped the pandemic, mainly due to their location, size and population.

There are at least 12 countries that have not confirmed any cases of COVID-19, as per an Al Jazeera report. Many of these countries are small island nations in the Pacific Ocean, with less population and a minimal number of visitors.

Another factor is that these nations announced entry restrictions early in the global outbreak and closed most of its land borders as well to curb the entry of incoming passengers.

Nevertheless, questions are being raised over North Korea’s claims of having no Covid-19 cases, given that is the closest neighbour of China, the country where the virus was first reported. However, North Korea closed its borders and put thousands of people in isolation six months ago, which might have kept the country safe.

Here are the 12 countries that have claimed to be virus-free:

1. North Korea

2. Turkmenistan

3. Solomon Islands

4. Vanuatu

5. Samoa

6. Kiribati

7. Federated States of Micronesia

8. Tonga

9. Marshall Islands

10. Palau

11. Tuvalu

12. Nauru