Around 8 lakh Olive Ridley turtles have returned to the coast of Odisha for mass nesting as the country goes under lockdown and human presence is minimised on the cost. It is reportedly after seven years that the turtles have appeared at the six-kilometer-long Rushikulya beach of Odisha’s Ganjam district for mass nesting in the day. This is just another silver lining that the country is seeing after humans get restricted from going out of their homes due to the spread of the coronavirus. Also Read - Delhi Air Quality Improves Amid Coronavirus Lockdown, Netizens Say 'Some Silver Lining'

Various reports suggest that the turtles come back at the same location for mass nesting where they were hatched once. This year, Odisha’s stunning cost line saw over 7 lakh turtles digging nests and laying eggs. It is believed that a turtle lays around 100 eggs in the nest created at the shore of the sea and then moves back into the sea. The incubation period is around 45 days. Also Read - Entertainment News Today, March 22: Juhi Chawla Posts Video of Dolphins Returning to Mumbai Sea as Coronavirus Shutdown Leads to Better Environment

Parveen Kaswan, who works in Indian Forest Service and is quite popular on social media for posting heartwarming photos of animals and information that is rare and novel for the common people, posted a Twitter thread beautifully explaining the process of reproduction. He wrote how nearly 8 lakh turtles have arrived and laid around 6 crore eggs on the Odisha coast.

In his tweets, Parveen mentioned that the staff protects the coastline during this time. The turtles dig a hole of about 2-4 feet with the help of their real flippers and then sit above that hole. After making sure that there’s no disturbance, the female turtle starts laying eggs. The process of laying eggs is painful and the turtle lays between 80-100 eggs in the hole. Once the process is done, the mother turtle covers the hole with sand around and carefully goes back into the water. It is after 45 days of nesting that little hatchlings come out of the eggs, find their way out of the sand and enter into the water. Check out this thread:

Nature has its ways to amaze us. In these tough times especially, when there’s a lot of anxiety and negativity around, a little piece of nature’s wonder adds shine to the day. Such is this news.