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Increment: what does the word mean for the bosses? It means daily working for 13-14 hours at a stretch! If employees ask for a hike in their salary or for promotion from their miser bosses, it makes the hapless workers feel horrible. These bosses are who will neither share profit nor his position or even act too rude with employees, but be poker-faced. Also Read - Salary Bonanza: Narendra Modi government to double MPs salaries to Rs 2.8 lakh per month

Fokat Friday has created a hilarious video based on the concept of what exactly happens when you ask for a hike or a promotion in your firm. This video leaves you with lot of laughter and and you can relate to the situation shown in the story. Asking for an increment can prove to be more of an important but taxing job. An employee will always feel that he or she deserves a salary hike, but what if the boss has some other plans?

Watch the video below to know the boss’ reaction if the employee demands a hike!