Be it working to keep people safe or helping the needy during the COVID-19 crisis, we can not but help marvel at the work done by the police force of our country. Each and every state has seen the work the dedicated officers have been doing to ensure people stay home, and now they are also going the extra mile to ease the lives of those who have to move out of their house to make a living. Also Read - Manipur Villagers Set up 80 Bamboo Huts to Quarantine People Arriving From Out of State

The latest heartwarming story comes from the Northeastern part of India, where the Assam Police has gone out of its way to help a girl who sells vegetables to support her family during the COVID-19 crisis. A post shared on Twitter by the Dibrugarh Police stated that inspired by Janmoni Gogoi, who would go out to sell vegetables on a bicycle, it is gifting her a motorbike. Also Read - Moving Gesture: Assam Police Surprises Elderly Man With a Cake on His Birthday | Watch Video

In the pictures that were shared, a police officer could be seen handing over the moped and documents to Janmoni. Those who saw the post, praised the cops for the good work that they have done.


There used to be a time when the minute people would see the police they would run and hide that too without having done anything wrong. But after seeing the many kind gestures that they have been doing and continue to do during the coronavirus lockdown, people have started warming up to them.