Apart from the various disastrous events that have occurred in 2020, the year has also saw an onslaught of various asteroids passing by Earth. Now, another asteroid, said to be 0.51km in diameter and as tall as the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa of Dubai, is set to pass within 4,302,775 km of Earth.Also Read - Will The World End? Massive Asteroid 'Apophis', Equal to Size of 3 Football Fields, May Hit Earth in 2068

NASA has confirmed that the asteroid named 153201 2000 WO107, will barrel past Earth on Sunday, November 29 and is currently speeding though space at a whopping 56,000mph. It’s terrifyingly huge as its size ranges anywhere between 12,00ft to 2,5700ft across (370m and 820m).

As per spacereference.org, has been classified as a Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) as it will come within 1.3 astronomical miles of Earth, in addition to being dubbed as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid. Notably, scientists in New Mexico had discovered this asteroid on November 29, 2000, and they have been tracking it ever since.

Do we need to worry?

Given the huge size and length of the asteroid, there are of course, reasons to worry. If this particular asteroid ends up entering the Earth’s atmosphere and making an impact, the results would no doubt be catastrophic. However, thankfully, NASA has said that that there’s zero chance of the asteroid actually hitting our planet, as it’s classed as an NEA.

As per NASA, asteroids are ‘rocky, airless remnants left over from the early formation of our solar system about 4.6 billion years ago’ and states that there’s approximately 1,031,488 of them to date.