There are many discussions going on about how the coronavirus lockdown has allowed animals to live a free life, something that they rarely experienced before. While dolphins have returned to the Mumbai sea and deers have taken over the streets in Punjab, now monkeys are having a pool party in Mumbai. A new video that’s going viral on social media shows a group of monkeys barging into a deserted housing society in Mumbai and enjoying their day at the pool. Also Read - Fake News Busted: Ratan Tata Has Not Written Any Viral Message About Economy in Times of COVID-19

The video was shared by actor Tisca Chopra on Instagram after which a woman residing in the same society also uploaded another video revealing how the residents were discussing over emptying the pool since no one is using it these days. However, the woman added in her tweet, that before any decision could be taken, the monkeys gave out their verdict and surrounded the pool. The video shows these monkeys swimming inside the pool and just relaxing under the sun by the side. While sharing the viral clip on Instagram, Tisca wrote, “#PoolParty .. must’ve been watching and waiting for years .. saw the opportunity and jumped right in .. #monkeyingaround #everymonkeyhasitsday 🎥 courtesy @namshenoy3” (sic) Also Read - Viral Video: Chinese Toddlers Running to Hug as COVID-19 Quarantine Ends Sets Best Friends Across The Globe Relating

The woman who shared another clip of the same group of monkeys took to Twitter and wrote, “The society group chat was debating since 2 days whether to empty the pool or not since it wasn’t being used anymore. The neighbours came in and put an end to the discussion.” (sic)

Earlier, it was actor Juhi Chawla who took to Twitter and shared a beautiful clip of a few dolphins swimming in the Mumbai sea to show how nature is reclaiming its beauty all over the world when the human beings are confined to their homes. Recently over 8 lakh olive ridley turtles were spotted on the beach of Odisha in the absence of any human presence on the shore which seemed like a phenomenon in itself.