While the humans are away, the animals will play and the same has been proved with swans returning to the Venice canals, dolphins in the port of Cagliari, majestic pink flamingos near Mumbai in India, ducks in the fountains of Rome, endangered South Asian River Dolphins spotted near ghats of Kolkata in India and now alligators seen tussling in the middle of a golf course in South Carolina, US. As lockdown restrictions lift in certain parts of the globe, people can’t help but step out to stretch their legs and breathe in the midst of nature.Also Read - Viral Video of Bride & Groom Dancing Merrily at Their Wedding Will Crack You Up | Watch

Same was the case for Matthew Proffitt who had gone to play golf with friends at Hilton Head Lakes in Hardeeville but saw the club preoccupied with unexpected players. A pair of alligators tussled for two hours reportedly on the 18th hole of the golf course at the club. In the video that Proffitt and the club shared on their respective social media handles, the two alligators can be seen jaw-locked and grunting as they fought the other one off in an epic face-off. Also Read - Viral Video: Drunk Woman Rolls Around & Sleeps on Road in Pune, Blocks Traffic | Watch

In an interview with KCPQ, Proffitt shared, “They would lay still for a few minutes, with their jaws locked on each other, and then try to roll or shake. The fight went on for about two hours.” Also Read - Four Boys Shoot Video Inside Police Station at Agra, Arrested After Video Goes Viral | Watch

The COVID-19 lockdown has witnessed some unusual changes in nature with the levels of smog causing nitrogen oxides going down drastically after transportation came to a halt. These include the animals reclaiming empty roads and even streets of residential areas. A civet cat and a leopard were spotted at two different places in Hyderabad, India while a nilgai was spotted roaming outside a mall in Noida city. Another unexpected side effect of the lockdown was the restoration of direct visibility between Finland and Estonia, across the Gulf of Finland while in India – Himalayas’ Dhauladhar range was seen from Jalandhar in Punjab, Gangotri Hills glimpsed from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Kangchenjunga visible from Siliguri in West Bengal, and Singhwahini village in Sitamarhi district of Bihar woke up to the dreamy view of the majestic Mount Everest for the first time in ages.