As the coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly, the government issued an advisory urging all states to take social distancing measures as a preventive strategy for implementation until the announced date. A handful of brands like Audi, Mc Donalds, Coca-Cola have released advertisements telling consumers to practice social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They have upgraded their logos to bring attention to social distancing, a practice global public health experts have encouraged to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Also Read - Cristiano Ronaldo Scolds His Son For Drinking Coca-Cola, Eating Chips, Wants Him to Become the Best

Many people have praised the brands for their creativity and commitment to social good. Others, however, are less than impressed by what they see as a cynical attempt to cash in on a global pandemic. Also Read - Coronavirus Lockdown Impact? Nissan, Datsun Cars to Cost 5% More From Next Year

Social distancing is described as maintaining a larger physical space away from people to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, staying at least six feet away from people can lessen the chances of catching the coronavirus. Also Read - WATCH: Russian YouTuber Creates Giant Explosion Using 10,000 Litres Of Coca-Cola & Baking Soda

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More than half a million people across the globe have tested positive for COVID-19, and 24,000 people have died.