Love sure has a way of making people do funny and bizarre things, especially when it comes to keeping promises in a relationship. While many couples celebrate their first year of being together or one another’s birthdays, one man went a step further by celebrating the first time his girlfriend farted.Also Read - Beating COVID-19 One Foot Pedal at a Time: Thailand Mall Praised For Zero-contact Idea

You might think what’s the big deal? It’s just a fart. But for Ryan McErlean from Queensland on Australia’s Gold Coast, it meant the world. Why? Because he had waited three years to hear his girlfriend fart in front of him. Also Read - Adorable or Unbelievable: In Fight Between Frog And Leopard, Who do You Think Will Win?

According to, it was a momentous occasion for 24-year-old Ryan and he was so proud of 21-year-old Kaylie Warren that he decided to get a cake for her to celebrate. The cake even had a sweet message written on it, it read, “Took you three years, congratulations for finally farting.” Also Read - Heartbroken Woman Sends Ex-boyfriend Tonne of Onions With Message Stating 'I've Cried, Now It's Your Turn'

The whole thing came about a month after the pair started dating when they both made a pact that if Kaylie ever farted in front of him, he would treat her to something sweet. It was a long wait for Ryan, who revealed that Kaylie was way too polite to ever do something like that. He had even hinted at her that it was okay, but to no avail.

So when after three years of being together Kaylie accidentally let one out while in bed with him one night, Ryan was only too happy to keep his sweet promise.