Snake is one such animal that can give the heebie-jeebies to any sane person and if you encounter one in cramped and closed quarters then we’re sure anyone can hit the roof in panic. An Australian construction worker was in for a shock when he found a snake slithering over his arm while he was driving to work. A video shared on Facebook by Brisbane Snake Catchers provides details of the man’s scary encounter with a thorough report of how the snake was rescued out of the man’s car. It is really remarkable that he did not meet with any accident when he found the snake slithering up his arm. The viral video is really a thrilling rescue which saved the man as well as the snake’s life. Also Read - Australian PM Announces $130 bn Package to Support Wages as Coronavirus Deaths Reach 18

The viral post was shared on Facebook on January 9, 2018. The construction worker called professional animal rescuers to help get the snake removed from his car. The post reads, “On arrival it was underneath the dashboard at a quick glance at what we could see, we realized we were dealing with an adult Eastern brown snake.” Eastern Brown Snakes can grow up to 7-feet and is highly venomous with their venom that can cause blood to clot heavily. The post read, “We were called up by a construction worker who had a snake go over his arm whilst he was driving, certainly not the best of circumstances! As you can imagine he got a massive fright an so did the snake when it discovered it was not alone in the car, the snake then dashed behind the seat.” 12-Foot-Long Python Captured in Allahabad College Campus by Botany Professor, Video Shows him Tackling the Snake With Dexterity Also Read - On This Day: Australia Crowned Five-Time World Champions

Read the entire post and watch the video here:

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Australia is a country where wild life comes in very close proximity with human population and we often get to hear of giant lizards, spiders or even kangaroos paying house calls, but the snake inside a car are something that is truly terrifying.