Following the outbreak of COVID-19, we all have been bombarded with a lot of dos and don’t on how to keep ourselves safe from the deadly virus. At the same time, many technical terms regarding Coronavirus, have now become a part of our daily conversations. Also Read - What is 'Airgasm'? Know About The New Word in COVID-19 Vocabulary That Is Going Viral

Well, in order to remember the rules, healthcare experts had devised a new acronym of Men and Women, which has resurfaced again and has become a meme. According to healthcare experts, one should avoid touching MEN — Mouth, Eyes and Nose, to contain the spread of COVID-19, and follow WOMEN.

Recently, a picture of these COVID-19 rules was shared online and has been generating buzz ever since. The phrase reads, “Avoid Men, Follow Women Instead” and each letter of the words Men and Women stand for an instruction.

Well here is what it means:

Avoid touching M.E.N. to stop the spread of COVID-19

*M- Mouth

*E- Eye

*N- Nose

Notably, a person unknowingly touches his or her face about 90 times a day. According to WHO, the pathogen spreads through droplets from the nose or mouth and can land on surfaces and objects when a patient coughs or exhales, so avoiding touching your face is a must!

Follow W.O.M.E.N. to prevent COVID-19.

*W- Wash your hands with soap

*O- Obey directives

*M- Move away from crowded places

*E- Exercise regularly

*N- Never ignore warning signals.

In the absence of a vaccine, prevention appears to be the best cure available and time and again, it has been advised to maintain hygiene, practice social distancing and be alert! In short Follow WOMEN.