Putting her best foot forward, a grandmother was seen going groovy and setting the Internet on fire with her slick moves in a viral TikTok video. While it has been over a month since we last saw our grandparents due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, it is heartening to see someone spend quality time with her grandmom while keeping the rest of us entertained virtually. Also Read - Cricket Australia 'Grateful' to BCCI for Ensuring Safe Return of Aussie Players' to Their Homes After IPL 2021 Suspension

In a video currently trending viral, a TikTok user was seen giving her granny a tutorial on how to ace the famous millennial moves to the song Pew Pew Pew by Auntie Hammy. Catching up with her granddaughter in a jiffy, the grandmom and her swag put all the youngsters to shame. In another video by the same user, her grandmom can be seen grooving to the beats after having learnt the steps and nailing it like a true rockstar. Putting out another video on popular demand, the user can be seen in a tough dance face off with the granny stealing all the limelight awwdorably. Also Read - Delhi Cop Carries 82-Year-Old Woman in His Arms to Vaccination Centre, Says 'Anyone in Distress is Family'

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@d.agonzalezenjoy my sister trying to teach grandma a tiktok ##fyp ##foryou ##healthheroes ##freezeframe ##TexansHelpingTexans ##CookieWithACause ##bookclub ##levelup

♬ Pew Pew Pew – Auntie Hammy

@d.agonzalezhere is the HIGHLY requested finished product:) credits to my sis @dustygonz ##fyp

♬ Pew Pew Pew – Auntie Hammy

@d.agonzalezmore grandma as promised:)

♬ Challenge – pacificsoundz

Keeping up to the relatability factor of their content, TikTok has come up with another trend amid COVID-19 pandemic to keep the users hooked after making them burn potatoes while singing ‘Ja Corona Ja‘. With TikTok challenges amping up the viral game of the celebrities too, the new trend on the social media app is to take Corona’s interview.

Using alien filters to personify themselves as the infamous virus with an original sound by TikTok creator Shivam Malik, Indian users are now answering a weird set of questions. Pretending to be a personal bio of Corona, the answers are based on how the virus tally looks across the globe. The videos have been trending with the hashtag ‘Corona Ka Interview’.