We are in 69th year of independence and come this August 15, we will be an independent nation turning 70. Many of us will remember what all happened in past and how we got this independence, while many are concerned about future of this country. India’s story of independence is itself a collective of millions of stories, and has so much to tell. Also Read - Chandan Roy Sanyal Talks About Corona Quarantine, Life as an Actor

Such is a story brought in by filmmaker Chandan Roy Sanyal. In his recent short feature film, Sanyal plays the character of Azaad, who has returned to India with a female friend of foreign descent. On his way home, Azaad gets flashbacks of his grandfather and three of his friends who were freedom fighters and played their own parts in fight for independence of India. (ALSO READ: AR Rahman to perform at United Nations on India’s Independence Day) Also Read - Salman Khan Wishes Happy Independence Day To Fans In The Most Interesting Way-View Pic

He realizes that these flashback are not just a reel of memories, but has something important to say. As the story moves ahead, Azaad realizes that he have to take the legacy of his grandfather further ahead from here. Because, freedom came to all of us at a price and it is we, who have it in their hands. Also Read - This Independence Day, The Indian Government Will Make You A Social Media Star If You Post A Selfie With The Tricolour

Those who fought for the freedom, they didn’t fight it for themselves only. They fought it for their generations to come and here we are with it. It is on us what good use we make out of it.

Watch the short film here: