New Delhi: Researchers and vaccine makers across the world are still racing to hunt for a safe and effective vaccine against the novel coronavirus infection that has claimed several lives globally. Multiple clinical trials are happening around the world and various medicines and herbs have come out as a possible treatment for the COVID-19 virus. Also Read - 'We've Done Scientific Research And Found...,' Baba Ramdev Claims He Has Remedy For Coronavirus

Now, Baba Ramdev has claimed that he has the answer to the deadly disease-giloy and ashwagandha, which he says is 100 percent effective.

In a recent interview, Baba Ramdev said Giloy is 100 percent effective in breaking the chain of infection from attacking your system.

He further claimed that giloy and ashwagandha have already been given to COVID-19 positive patients and these people had a recovery rate of 100 percent. The research on this is still going on at Patanjali and soon their scientific research will be presented to the world, he said.

As of now concrete proof, if it works, but the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has observed that some herbal compounds present in medicinal plants which are found in Ayurvedic medicines have shown encouraging results against viruses with properties similar to that of the novel coronavirus.

Recently, a study was conducted by a group of scientists at the IIT Delhi, in collaboration with AIST, Japan that found that Ashwagandha does have strong potential in fighting the novel coronavirus.