War zones and terror ridden areas are full of heartbreaking stories that show the worst face of humanity and the most recent addition to this series of sad tales is a one-year-old baby boy whose images have surfaced on the internet. Pictures of a one-year-old baby from a bombed school in Mosul, Iraq show the worst side of terrorism. The one-year-old starving baby was found in the school by the Iraqi army, and his mother is said to have been killed in the attack. The boy is said to have survived in the school which was bombed in a battle between the ISIS and government troops. Also Read - Amid US Capitol Riot, Iraq Court Issues Arrest Warrant Against Trump For Killing of Iranian General Soleimani

Pictures and videos show Iraqi soldiers bathing and cleaning a one-year-old whose mother is believed to have been killed in the battle between the government and ISIS. The terrorist organisation has had a strong hold on the Old City in Mosul, and as the army tries to get rid of the militants, there is various young and old life that is being lost in battle. The baby did not eat anything in four days and was found crying among the rubbles. Iraqi forces launched an assault to reclaim the Old City, the only district under ISIS control in Mosul and are becoming one of the deadliest faceoffs. Also Read - Akash Ambani-Shloka Mehta Become Proud Parents to a Baby Boy, Mukesh & Nita Delighted to be Grandparents!

The baby is seen crying in the video as the boy who was stuck in Bab Sinjar neighbourhood had not eaten in days but still survived the blast and the hostile environment. The baby is seen getting a bath by the soldiers and has been saved from the rumbles. However, the situation in Iraq’s old city is far from comforting. In a battle between the government and the terrorists, Iraqi civilian has been displaced and are left homeless. The living situation in the area as been deteriorating day by day as people continue to suffer. Also Read - Good News! Amrita Rao, Hubby RJ Anmol Become Proud Parent of Baby Boy

Here is a picture of the starving baby boy in the rubble

baby starving bomb

The situation in Iraq’s densely populated area of Mosul has been growing tenser with the ISIS trying to get out of the hands of the soldiers using underground tunnels and costing civilian lives. In fact, in addition to this violent environment, a mass food poisoning at a camp for displaced Iraqi civilians outside Mosul has left hundreds of people requiring urgent treatment. The United Nations is trying to help the civilians in the area, and the army hopes to get rid of the ISIS camps as early as possible.