Cute is an understatement for one-year-old munchkin, Kobe, who happens to be the youngest chef on the Internet. As netizens’ screen time grew this quarantine to kill boredom, Kobe treated them with his Instagram handle, Kobe Eats, the videos of which are too enchanting to miss.Also Read - Instagram To Reduce Visibility Of 'Potentially Harmful' Content

Grabbing over 1.4 millions followers while entertaining fans worldwide under the lockdown, Kobe’s videos feature the toddler in his signature red apron and red chef hat. Following the formula of “tasting before cooking”, the lovely boy is seen munching on potatoes or sipping water straight from the jug before putting them and other ingredients in the pan before him. Sprinkling, stirring and mashing with his tiny little palms, Kobe is a delight to watch. Also Read - Instagram Will Soon Let Creators Make Money Through Subscriptions. Here's How

From butter chicken to smoothies, mac n cheese and chocochip cookies, there is no dish, the steps of which can’t be taken through by our little baby chef. Coupled with a million dollar smile that never leaves his face, Kobe’s videos are hands down a stressbuster for all those working from home or otherwise. While the account is obviously managed by his parents, his bio highlights that he “likes to cook, eat and explore in the kitchen.” Also Read - Instagram Testing THIS New Feature For Stories In Its App

Check out some of Kobe’s sweet videos here:

As per the reports, “Kobe Eats” initially had 200 followers till April 15 after debuting on Instagram at the end of February. A report in the CNN claimed that Kobe’s mother, like every other baby’s mother out there, had initially started recording his videos in the kitchen to share with her family and friends. The yearn for fresher content amid lockdown gave a major boost to the handle evidently and now, fans wait on the edge for updates from the baby chef as they watch him with their hearts in eyes.