In a heartbreaking video that’s currently going viral on the internet, a baby rhino is seen trying to wake its dead mother after she was poached for the horn. The video has received hundreds of comments and emerged as an eye-opener towards the reality of poaching wildlife in South Africa. A rhino horn is considered to be useful in Chinese medicines and is also taken as a token of wealth and pride, therefore, rhino poaching in South Africa is quite common despite various measures taken by the wildlife authorities to protect them. Also Read - Viral Video: Mischievous Monkey Runs Away With a Smartphone & Plays With It, Then Does This.. | Watch

The clip that’s being shared on social media is from the last year. Reportedly, the dead rhino in the video was killed hours before it was first found lifeless on the ground. Its horn was chopped off and the baby rhino was left to wander on its own. Later, when the authorities found out about it, the baby was drugged and taken to a rhino orphanage where the caretakers named it Charlotte. Check out the tragic video here: Also Read - Viral Video: This Hilarious Dog Fight Will Remind You of Phir Heri Pheri Scene | Watch

Twitter was filled with both petty and angry comments. While a few users demanded stricter regulations to protect the wildlife from poachers, a few felt bad for all the baby animals who are deprived of their parents’ affection due to poaching. Check out these comments:

The Indian state of Assam is considered the second largest wildlife for rhinoceros after South Africa. The incidents of poaching are common in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Pobitora in Marigaon district and Orang National Parkin Darrang district. In 2016 itself, 20 rhinos were reportedly killed for their horns and 19 of them alone were poached at Kaziranga National Park. In South Africa, the number is unbelievably higher. By the end of 2018, as many as 769 rhinos were reportedly poached for their horns in Africa and the Republic of South Africa.