New Delhi: Taking a dig at the falling GDP of India, an event has been marked on Facebook for 9th September which invites people for “Banging Thaalis & Shouting “Grow GDP, Grow” From Our Balconies.”Also Read - GDP Numbers Should Alarm us All, Govt Needs to be Frightened Out of Their Complacency: Rajan

This comes after India’s gross domestic product (GDP) contracted 23.9 per cent in the April-June period as the coronavirus-induced lockdown brought industries to a halt and rendered millions of people jobless. Notably, the June quarter GDP data is the worst contraction in the history of the Indian economy!

Meanwhile, the event is going viral on social media and over 22,000 people have expressed interest in it.

The event description reads, ”At 9 pm on the ninth day of the ninth month, we will bajao thaalis and scream “Grow GDP, grow” from our balconies. Maintain social distancing and keep your cameras handy for some instant PR work with a peacock or something”.

The page also mentions that it got the idea of the event from a tweet by user @swatiatrest who wrote on Twitter, ”Thinking of spending 9 minutes at 9 pm on 9th September on the terrace with a thali, screaming “grow GDP, grow.”

Many people have responded to the event and started a discussion thread to further post sarcastic comments and are inviting their friends for the same.

One user wrote, ”This will be a masterstroke and definitely help the GDP grow at double the speed like CoronaVirus.”

Another user wrote, ”I am super excited and relieved at the same time. This single event is going to change the future of our country forever. The vibration created by millions of bangings at the same time(I mean the plates, not the other one) will create positive energy with a frequency that resonates with the natural frequency of the electric/mechanical/electronic machines and this will increase the efficiency coefficient by an amount of 10%.”

The idea has also been inspired from PM Modi’s clarion call to the nation when he had asked people to bang thalis, clap and switch off their lights, to express gratitude to doctors, nurses and others who are at the forefront of fighting the pandemic.