New Delhi: After Faizal Siddiqui‘s infamous acid attack video faced massive criticism on social media, TikTok has suspended his account due to multiple ‘community guidelines violations’. The video, which allegedly promotes acid attack against women, was also pulled down. Also Read - #BanTikTokinIndia Trends on Twitter Over Faizal Siddiqui's Video, App's Ratings Drop to 2.0 on Play Store

A spokesperson of TikTok said, ”Keeping people on TikTok safe is a top priority and we make it clear in our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that clearly outlines what is not acceptable on our platform. As per the policy, we do not allow content that risks the safety of others, promotes physical harm, or glorifies violence against women.”

Notably, the viral clip recreates a disturbing scene of an acid attack, in which Faizal is seen throwing liquid on the face of a woman who betrayed her. Later, the girl is seen in the clip with make-up, suggesting a disfigured face.

Many celebrities including acid attack survivor Laxmi Aggarwal, Pooja Bhatt, Swara Bhasker and people on social media had lashed out at Faizal for promoting crime.

Later, Faizal issued an apology and said that the video circulating on social media is half circulated and that his intentions were not to promote acid attack incidents.

Meanwhile, many users demanded a ban on TikTok, owing to its inappropriate content with the #BanTikToklnlndia, and asked for its removal from the app stores. Netizens also dug out other cringe-worthy and equally controversial TikTok videos, criticizing their problematic content.

Many users opined that several videos on the platform glorifies acid attacks, domestic violence, rapes, terrorism, animal cruelty in the name of content, and demanded the app be banned.

As a result, the TikTok app saw a flood of 1-star reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.