New Delhi: Ever since TikTok star Faizal Siddiqui‘s video created outrage on social media for allegedly promoting acid attack on women, many users have increasingly demanded a ban on the video-sharing app, owing to its problematic content. Also Read - 'It's Water, Who Drinks Acid?': TikToker Faizal Siddiqui Issues Clarification After His 'Acid Attack' Video Sparks Outrage

Hashtags like #BanTikToklnlndia and #FaizalSiddiqui trended all day on Twitter on Monday, with people questioning the highly inappropriate content of such videos.

Notably, Siddiqui’s video allegedly recreates a disturbing scene of an acid attack, in which Faizal is seen throwing liquid on the face of a woman who betrayed her. Many users expressed their anger at the video and reprimanded him for using his massive influence in the wrong way.

However, later, in an Instagram post, Faizal said that the video being circulated on social media is half circulated and that his intentions were not to promote acid attack incidents.

Not only Siddiqui’s video, but people also dug out other cringe-worthy and equally controversial TikTok videos, criticizing their problematic content.

Many users opined that several videos on the platform glorifies acid attacks, domestic violence, rapes, terrorism, animal cruelty in the name of content, and demanded the app be banned.

(Warning: Disturbing content, User discretion advised)

After a lot of noise regarding TikTok, the App is now witnessing its lowest rating ever i.e- 2.0. Many users rejoiced at the development while others made memes.

The low rating could also be the result of a feud between Tiktokers and Youtubers after CarryMinati’s highly-popular TikTok roast video was taken down by YouTube. To extend their support to him, many CarryMinati fans started to trend #BanTikTok.