Deoria (Uttar Pradesh): It’s the wedding season, and you must have seen many types of baarat or processions. However, you have rarely might have seen such a procession before! In Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria, the groom and the ‘baraatis’ rode on bullock carts to reach the wedding venue in Pakri Bazar from his house in Kushari village –a distance of 35-km.Also Read - Viral Video: Bride's Ex-Boyfriend Shows Up at Her Wedding, What Happens Next | Watch

The excited groom Chhote Lal Pal, told reporters, “I always wanted that my marriage procession to go on bullock carts because vehicles cause pollution and this also has been the old tradition. Our new generation does not know about it and those who know, have forgotten it.

“Our ancestors used to take out marriage processions on bullock carts. To keep these traditions alive, I thought my marriage procession would go on bullock carts. We are travelling to Pakri Bazar from my home in Kushari village.”

Pal stood up on the bullock cart to pose for photographs along with his friends.

Chhote Lal also made sure that there was no recorded music or DJ at his wedding. He opted for local singers who regaled the guests with their traditional songs.

“The intention is keeping the customs and tradition alive which people have forgotten. For many, this is a unique marriage procession but for the elderly people, it is a journey to the past. The young generation is making videos of my wedding,” the groom said.

(With IANS inputs)