Do you remember the Barackdubs? The amazing viral videos featuring US President Barack Obama lending his voice from various speeches to be made into an amazing Presidential version of any hit song. There were many videos made starting from Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend and many more songs. This time Barack Obama is back with Major Lazer’s hit track Lean On! Also Read - Barack Obama Reveals He Once Broke a Schoolmate’s Nose For Using Racial Slur

Yes, the Potus is back with the Presidential rendition of the song Lean On. The song Lean On by American electronic music group Major Lazer and French producer DJ Snake was a huge hit this year. And what could be more amazing than listening to Obama singing the hit track lyrics. Check out the amazing video mashup featuring Obama singing Lean On from Major Lazer’s third studio album Peace is the Mission. (ALSO WATCH: Barackdubs Vine: Barack Obama sings Iggy Azalea’s hit track Fancy) Also Read - ‘Moment of Great Dishonour & Shame’: Barack Obama Condemns Capitol Riots, Slams Trump For Inciting Violence

The Lean On video by Major Lazer and French producer DJ Snake was actually shot in Maharashtra, India when the music band came to know about the growing fan base here. They tried to incorporate the Indian tinge into the music video and shot the whole song sequence in the country. For now check out the video of Barack Obama singing a remarkable cover of Lean On by Major Lazer below. Tell us how do you like the brand new version of Lean On by Major Lazer below featuring Barack Obama? Also Read - Barack Obama Administration Knowingly Funded Al-Qaeda Affiliate: US Report