It seems that the brand managers and copywriters need a severe refresher course in English language because joining the ranks of companies that miffed the people with their sexist advertisements is Bata. The company has received severe backlash and flak on social media for one of its very sexist ad and had to issue a public apology. The advertisement has been termed inappropriate and in very bad taste. The renowned shoe brand received severe criticism after one of its ads at a mall in Lahore left people fuming over its sexist and offensive tone towards women. The ad has now been taken down but showed a man dressed in an impeccable suit and formal shoes with the tagline, “Womaniser and comfortable with it”. Naturally, people were shocked by the line and took to social media to pan the ad and the company calling them sexist and misogynist. Also Read - It's Raining Memes & Jokes on Twitter As Demand to Cancel CBSE Board Exam 2021 Grows Louder | Best Memes

People were very upset over the ad which reeked of sexism and blamed the company for their insensitive and callous behavior. One Twitter user wrote, “Shocking @batashoes ad in Pakistan! Share & tell @batashoesto take it down, issue a public apology and fire the advertising agency!” Another wrote, “I thought they didn’t understand what womanizer means… But the & comfortable with it… shows they know it. Are they living under a rock and don’t know what’s happening with sexual predators everywhere?” Check out some tweets below. Also Read - Jaya Bachchan Gets Brutally Trolled After Pushing a Man in Roadshow, Twitterati Call Her 'Rude And Arrogant'

Issue a public apology

The worm that infests the tree

Way out of line

This is gross

Someone please give them a dictionary

Are you serious?

Bata Pakistan issued a public apology on November 18, 2017, which was posted on its official Pakistani Facebook page. The company wrote, “Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced in respect to the poster which was printed out of Pakistan & inadvertently displayed at our Packages Mall outlet. The poster was removed and replaced immediately. At Bata we take pride in ensuring our customer’s satisfaction and we deeply value their sentiments.”

Although Bata did issue a public and official apology but the deed was done and it is very disheartening to see that companies publish such insensitive advertisements which demean women without thinking about the consequences on the society at large, after all, these iconic and popular brands have a moral responsibility towards society.