Warner Bros. have stepped up the game with their latest sneak peek exclusive video from the much-awaited upcoming superhero flick, Batman v Super: Dawn of Justice. The video comes as a response to Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. The superhero battle of the franchises only means one undeniable thing, tons of entertainment for fans. The film with Superman and Batman will open up an all new DC Comics universe for fans when the film releases in March 2016. Also Read - Multiple Batman, Multiverse! Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson To All Play Batman in DC Films in 2022

We have already had a taste of the teaser and the first trailer of the film. In a world not too far in the future, Superman has lost the trust of the people. They not only detest him because of his amazing strengths with which he can squash our lives anytime he wants but the lack of trust in an incorruptible force makes the people feel petty and nervous. It is unclear what happened with the world and Superman to turn him into a villain as opposed to the widely loved status he has enjoyed over several decades. [Also Read: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie pictures revealed – Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg look stunning!] Also Read - 'I am Gonna Track Down Your Address': Captain America AKA Chris Evans' Message to 6-Year-Old Hero Who Braved Dog Attack to Save Sister | WATCH

The film is a total hunk of crap because Batman may have all the fancy gadgets of the world but he cannot fight Superman. The sneak peak shows Superman to be some sort of Darth Vader-like super villain who has a horde of trained special ops mercenaries at his beck an call. Ben Affleck gets his mask removed to reveal his true identity to Superman. We must mention that his bat suit is utter rubbish. Just look at how badly tailored the arms are. The difference is as huge. Think about Iron Man’s makeshift suit that he built in a cave in the first Iron Man film as compared to the JARVIS-powered versions that he uses in the rest of the films and in the two Avengers films. Here’s the sneak video of Batman v Superman film which takes a weak swing at trying to garner more views as opposed to Captain America: Civil War. Also Read - On Chris Evans' Birthday, Fans Gush Over Captain America's Old Tweets Calling Donald Trump 'Racist'-Lashing Homophobes