Mumbai: Over the past few days, visitors at Mumbai’s Juhu beach have been quite mesmerized by the sight of the gorgeous blue bottle jellyfish. Also known as Portuguese man-of-war, these jellyfishes have been sighted over the past three days at Juhu beach. However, don’t go by their beautiful looks as they are poisonous. No matter how stunning they appear, their stings are excruciating and can cause you a lot of pain.Also Read - Beachgoers Beware! Goa Beaches Invaded By Jellyfish Swarms, Sting Over 90 People In Just 2 Days

According to an Indian Express reports, it is a recurring phenomenon as these aquatic species get washed onto the shores due to monsoon winds. Once ashore, they get stuck in the sand and eventually some return back to the sea, but most end up dying on the beach.

Last week, Director of the Coastal Conservation Foundation, Shaunak Modi, also tweeted an image of a jellyfish on Juhu beach.

Meanwhile, experts have asked people visiting the beach to exercise caution and not come in contact with them. To make the public aware, the Mangrove Cell has been putting up several sign-boards along the beach in association with the Marine Life of Mumbai (MLOM), urging people not to come in contact with the jellyfishes. Notably,  the sting causes a burning sensation, severely painful red rashes and swelling. It can prove to be more dangerous when the person is in the water.

In case, you get stung by a blue bottle jellyfish, immediately pour seawater on the wound, without rubbing or washing the area with warm water. It’s also advisable to visit a hospital.