Beauty pageants are not only for judging women on how beautiful they are but it is also a measure of substance and character and a contestant named Maria Izobel Taguiam proved just this at a beauty pageant in the Philippines. She impressed the audience when she openly chose to speak about her sexuality on a public platform. Her bravery and courageousness are being applauded by Twitter and people are hailing her choice of not shying away from coming out as a lesbian. Maria Izobel Taguiam was asked an official question on stage based on relationships and before the official question was asked, the host Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry asked her whether she has a boyfriend or not. Maria Izobel Taguiam replied truthfully, “Yes, not a boyfriend, but a girlfriend. Because I believe love does not see gender and if you love someone, go for it.” Also Read - Against Homophobia: Supermodel Aweng Ade-Chuol Kisses Her Wife on Cover of Elle Magazine

Maria Izobel Taguiam, 17, was representing Tabogon at the first Binibining Cebu pageant, on October 28. The beauty pageant had 12 contestants and the final contestants were all asked a question in the final round. Maria Izobel Taguiam’s honest reply received a lot of applause and cheers and is also gaining mass appreciation on Twitter. Also Read - Typhoon Molave Leaves Over 120,000 Displaced, Eight Missing, Hundreds Stranded in Philippines

Sample some of the tweets that followed Maria Izobel Taguiam’s statement Also Read - Oops! Philippines Government Official Caught Having Sex With Secretary During Zoom Meeting, To Get Fired

Love Wins

Not a boyfriend but a girlfriend

Never be ashamed of the people who love you

Three cheers for the gay beauty pageant contestant

According to an interview published in Cebu Daily News, Maria Izobel Taguiam said about her girlfriend, “I’m just proud to have her. I just want to tell people it is indeed okay to love someone regardless of gender. I realized that if she doesn’t love me, she won’t even agree to the idea. She’s someone worth loving, she has a beautiful soul.” She later shared an intimate post on her Facebook page, check it out below.

All we can say is that when the world is still coming to terms with homosexuality, it takes a ot of courage to open about your sexuality on a public platform and Maria Izobel Taguiam might not have won the pageant but she definitely won everybody’s hearts with her answer.