Bengaluru: A dentist in Bengaluru is being hailed on social media after she saved the life of a migrant woman labourer, and her newborn child. Also Read - Follow These Hygiene Rules And Reduce Your Baby's Risk of Getting COVID-19

The incident occurred on April 14 morning, when the migrant labourer Shanti had to walk seven kilometres looking for a hospital to deliver her child. When she could not find one, she delivered the baby, on the pavement next to the dental clinic, owned by Dr Ramya Himanish. Also Read - With No Ambulance & Barricades Everywhere, Telangana Woman Delivers Baby on The Street

As the child did not respond after its birth, the husband wrapped it with a newspaper assuming it had died.

However, when the dentist arrived at the clinic, she noticed the woman lying on the pedestrian platform, bleeding and immediately took her to the clinic.

“When I went there, I saw the woman bleeding. I brought her inside and provided treatment. Then I checked the baby. After the resuscication process, the child came to life,” Dr Himanish told PTI.

Later, the doctor called an ambulance and sent the woman with the newborn to a government hospital for further treatment. Now, with both the mother and baby safe, people on Twitter applauded the dentist’s prompt action in saving their lives:

“In all my 18 years as a dentist, I have never had such an experience. While it was very tense when the whole thing took place, I am happy that everything turned out well though I do not know how this has come to the notice of the media,” Himanish told HT.