Bengaluru: As the nations across the world are fighting against the deadly coronavirus, a Bengaluru-based oncologist has reignited our hopes after claiming to have developed an effective treatment for coronavirus. Also Read - Coronavirus Survivors in India: 40 Cured Cases. Here's What They Are Saying

The oncologist named Dr Vishal Rao, has applied for a government review of a new concoction of drugs developed by his team, which he says could prove to be effective in treating the novel coronavirus. Also Read - Is There a Cure to Coronavirus? Donald Trump's Tweet Triggers Debate

In an interview with ANI, he said, ”We have built a concoction of cytokines which can be injected to reactivate the immune system in #COVID19 patients. We’re in a very initial stage & hope to be ready with its first set by this weekend. We have applied to the govt for an expedited review.”

Cytokines are secreted by certain cells of the immune system and have an effect on other cells.

“Human body cells release interferon chemicals to kill viruses. But it can’t be released by cells in the case of COVID-19 cases, leading to a weak immune system. We got hold of some preprint suggesting that interferon is effective in COVID-19,” Dr Rao was quoted as saying by ANI.

He further added, “When we withdraw blood for regular check-ups, we get buffy coat which can be used to take out cells and form interferon. These two chemicals and some other cytokines, in a specific concoction, could be potentially very useful in treating COVID-19 patients.”

Meanwhile, as the country entered Day 5 of a 21-day lockdown, the total coronavirus cases in the country has risen to 979, and the death toll has increased to 25.