A journalist in Bihar has sparked a laugh riot online after conducting a satirical interview of two donkeys for being out on the road without a face mask amid the coronavirus pandemic. Taking a dig at people who still don’t follow Covid-19 guidelines, the journalist is winning praises for creating awareness on the importance of face masks in such a hilarious manner. Also Read - How Bizarre! Donkey Arrested On Charge of Gambling in Pakistan, FIR Also Filed Against It

Odisha IPS officer Arun Bothra shared a video clip where a journalist was seen interviewing a donkey sitting by the side of a road. He then proceeds to ask passersby to identify the animal that hadn’t worn a face mask and sarcastically implies that anyone who doesn’t wear a mask is a donkey!

Bina mask ke kyun road par baithe hain bhai? Lockdown hai aap bahar ghum kar rahe hain. Sanitize karte hain khud ko? (Why are you sitting on the road without a mask? You are roaming outside during the lockdown. Do you sanitise yourself?”)

“Best media interview of the Lockdown period,” Bothra wrote while sharing the video. Watch the hilarious interview ever:

The reporter also talks to several people who were roaming around without wearing face masks. The journalist concludes, “Gadha jo hai bhaiya lockdown me bahar ghumta hai aur mask nahi lagata hai…
Netizens were impressed with the creativity of the interviewer for driving home an important message in a light-hearted manner. Here are some reactions:

Well, the next time you decide to venture out without a mask, remember this interview and don’t be a Covidiot!