America’s Got Talent is one of the biggest talent showcasing platforms in the world today. Matt Franco is one such aspiring artist who works his magic on the judges and studio audience. Using just a deck of cards he tells a story that he has penned to bring him closer to AGT (America’s Got Talent).  The 25-year-old self-taught magician has been practicing magic tricks since he was 4 years old. Every number or verse which involves numbers is told beautifully with the help of a deck of cards which he shuffles right in front of the judges. Also Read - Indian Dance Group V Unbeatable Wins America's Got Talent: The Champions, Creates a Proud History

The number two spot of the top performances of 2015 goes to a former Marine. No, he doesn’t show his skills which he learnt while serving his country but he performs magic. Going by the name of Smoothini, the bar magician claims that he is like Houdini but ghetto. The 33-year-old uses only a salt shaker and a deck of cards as props. He gets one of the judges to conceal one ball in their hand and while he hides one ball in his hand, makes both balls pop out of the judge’s clenched fist. [Also Watch: Best Card Magic Trick by Jamie Raven on Britain’s Got Talent Also Read - Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh Support V Unbeatable to Win ‘America's Got Talent: The Champions’ Trophy

The last performer is the best because of his talent. Going purely by looks he looks like an ordinary Japanese citizen who is standing in line to audition for AGT but when he gets up on stage something absolutely unexpected happens. He claims that his talent is dance-ish performance. He performs the story of the hit film starring Keanu Reeves, Matrix. Yes, there is the slow motion Neo dodging bullets routine a part of his dance but what he does at the end of the dance is what makes his the best performer of 2015. Also Read - Mumbai Dance Group Makes it to 'America's Got Talent' Final