New Delhi: After the disturbing ‘eye flash challenge’ created havoc for many, another dangerous TikTok challenge has gone viral. The ‘Skullbreaker’ game, which appears to have originated among young teens in South America, has been deemed dangerous and as per reports, this may even break the skulls of those who try it. Also Read - This Dangerous TikTok Challenge Asks Users to Expose Their Eyes to Phone Flash, Don't Fall For It

The challenge which has been attempted by many schools and college students in Spain’s Granada, involves two people knocking a third off balance while they jump in the air.

One such footage taken at a school in Venezuela showed one boy crashing to the ground after the two either side of him kick his feet away from as they leap off the ground, according to a report in The Mirror. Unfortunately, the boy ended up in a hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

However, this has still not deterred other youngsters from taking the challenge and many shared the video of the same on various social media platforms.  The videos of the challenge are being tagged with the word ‘Rompecráneos’, which translates to ‘Skullbreaker’ in English.

Here is one example:

Given how dangerous and life threatening that the game can be, Spanish police has now warned the youth against attempting the challenge. Concerns have been raised that a child could be seriously injured in the game or could even be killed.

The Granada police also issued a statement saying the game can cause serious injuries.

“We would like to warn our followers so they share this message with the aim of avoiding such dangerous practices, that can cause serious injuries to children.”