The use of WhatsApp chats and messages as evidence has been increasing and is what may be the first case a Delhi police station registered a Fir against two members of Bharat Scouts and Guides for passing cheap comments on a woman’s character in a group chat on the messaging app. A senior management official of the Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG) filed a complaint against the members and submitted the screenshots of the group chat as evidence. The complaint was registered at the IP Estate police station, and the members are being questioned on outraging a woman’s modesty. WhatsApp chats are legal evidence? Three law students charged for rape based on conversations with victim on messaging app
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The woman, who had come to the BSG headquarters to attend a meeting at Central Delhi ITO, came to know about a WhatsApp group where the two men in question were making lewd remarks and making comments on the woman’s character and modesty. The two BSG members had allegedly created the group named BSG with the aim of making jokes on her and questioning her character, and the group had about 10-15 BSG officials as members. Also Read - TikTok Most Downloaded Non-gaming App in March Globally, Followed by Facebook

The woman had stayed the night at the headquarters in order to attend the meeting. However, the two accused commented on the woman staying over and said that she had stepped out of her room at night and seen with another member at the headquarters. The woman’s complaint questioned the third party taking jibes at her personal space and read, “I would like to state that it is no one’s business to pass judgments and question my character on a public forum regarding whom I meet and whom I interact… Also giving sexual overtone to a meeting with a colleague is nothing short of evil and atrocious.” Also Read - Fact Check: Can Covid-19 Vaccination Appointment Be Booked Through WhatsApp? Here's The Truth

According to a Hindustan Times report, the woman was asked to withdraw her nomination for being a senior office-bearer in the BSG by the same men, and when she did not bow down, they allegedly took this cheap tactic to question the woman’s character. The woman has requested to remain anonymous but could not accept the unjust and sick behaviour of her fellow members and was enraged by their jibes at her character. The BSG is the largest youth organisation in India and this incident has clearly brought a lot of negative publicity for the group. The FIR has also raised questions on the way women are treated and brings back the debate of women’s privacy and respecting women in India.