Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh’s song from the hit movie Wanted has crossed more than 13 lakhs in one day. This is the title track of the movie and has been picturized on the sensuous chemistry of Pawan Singh and Mani Bhattacharya.Also Read - Akshara Singh Opens Up On Her Toxic Relationship: 'I Was Chased By Few Boys With Acid Bottles In Hand, Went Into Depression'

This Bhojpuri song has been sung by Pawan Singh and Indu Sonali. The song has been written and composed by Vinay Nirmal and Chotte Baba Bashi. Also Read - Salman Khan: Wanted Will Never Have a Sequel, Radhe Can Have

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This song comes days after the release of another track which is called Palangiya Sone Na Diya. The romantic number has already created quite a buzz as it has got more than 10 million views on YouTube.

Pawan Singh even took to social media to thank all his fans and wrote, “#Thanks for your #Love & #Support @singhpawan999 @manibhattachariya.”

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#Thanks for your #Love & #Support @singhpawan999 @manibhattachariya

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Wanted came out on May 11 in Bihar and Jharkhand, it quickly became a hit with its fans.

The film stars many actors including Amrita Acharya, Brajesh Tripathi, Ayaz Khan, Bipin Singh, Jay Singh, Jassi Singh, sweety Singh, Deepak Sinha, Ujjair Khan, Jaswant Kumar, Anup Lota, Govind Kumar, Prakash Sharma, Upendra Yadav and more.

The story has been written by Veeru Thakur andThe movie has been directed by Sujeet Kumar Singh and it has been produced by Jaswant Kumar.

The movie has been released under Shri J Soharta Productions.