Bhopal: Ever since the COVID ‘storm’ has hit the country hard, some good samaritans are going out of their way to help those in need, and have emerged as saviours in these bleak times. One such person is Javed Khan, an auto driver from Bhopal, who has converted his vehicle into an ambulance that also provides oxygen. Given the situation in the country, he offers his auto for free to Covid patients and in the past three days, Javed has turned a messiah for at least 10 people, Times of India reported.Also Read - Shameful: Auto Driver Asks For Rs 4500 to Transport Dead Body to Postmortem House, Wife Complains to Yogi Adityanath

Saddened to see people struggling in the wake of 2nd Covid wave, Javed realised that as a citizen he needed to do something to help others and couldn’t simply just sit at home. On the advice of his family, he converted his auto-rickshaw into a mobile ambulance, complete with oxygen, sanitisers, and medicines.

“I have been driving autos for 18 years. Though no one has been infected in my family, I was very disturbed by the rising death toll and wanted to do something about it with the resources I have. I have put sanitisers, some medicines, and an oxygen cylinder. In the past three days, I have helped 10 people who were in dire need to reach hospital,” Javed told TOI.

Not just Javed, his wife too deserves an applause as she gave away her gold locket to help him with the expenses. He spends around Rs 600 everyday filling up the oxygen cylinder, but due to high demand of oxygen, he has to wait 4-5 hours to get the cylinder refilled. Even then, he is dedicated to the cause, and spends all his time to serve needy patients. Javed says that anyone can call him from any locality in Bhopal and he would reach there in no time. He also said that he had also given his phone number to several groups engaged in social service.

Similarly, an auto driver in Ranchi has also emerged as a hero after he strated offering free rides to people who need to go to hospitals, amid COVID-19 pandemic.