Like every season, Bigg Boss 11 too has had its fair share of controversies and fights. The constantly changing equations between the inmates of the Bigg Boss house results in some high voltage drama that keeps the viewers entertained. On December 7, however, the fights were replaced with tears, as the spouses and parents of the inmates came to visit them. From Puneesh Sharma and Arshi Khan’s fathers, to Shilpa Shinde’s mother and Priyank Sharma’s (ex-girlfriend?) Divya Agarwal, each one came into the house for a brief period. During this period, the inmates had to mostly remain in a ‘freeze’ position. While all other visitors gave a feedback to all inmates and also wished them good luck, Divya Agarwal made some shocking statements while speaking to Priyank. Her comments left Priyank in tears. 

Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani Kisses Shilpa Shinde Without Her Permission, Actress Shocked – Watch Video

Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani Kisses Shilpa Shinde Without Her Permission, Actress Shocked – Watch Video

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Bigg Boss announced a ‘luxury budget’ task on Thursday, which required the contestants to ‘freeze’ every now and then when the family members or friends come into the house. The guests were allowed to speak to all contestants for some time. It was only for the last few minutes of the visit that the contestants were allowed to speak to them. Viewers saw Shilpa Shinde’s mother requesting other contestants to not disrespect a woman who they called their mother at first (possibly hinting at how Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani disrespected Shilpa after calling her a ‘mother’). The emotional moments between Puneesh and his father and the funny moments between Arshi Khan and her father were also too good to be missed. But what Divya Agarwal said to Priyank during her visit was the highlight of the show. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Runner-up Rahul Vaidya Reveals Wedding Plans With Disha Parmar, Says Nothing is Going to be Grand

Here are five shocking statements made by Divya Agarwal: Also Read - Kishwer Merchant Announces First Pregnancy at 40, Asks Women to Break Stereotypes - See Post

Remember me?

Priyank Sharma was sitting on the couch when Bigg Boss suddenly announced ‘freeze’. That is when Divya entered the house, and Priyank couldn’t even greet her. The lady went straight to Priyank and the first line she uttered was ‘Remember me?” Divya was visibly upset with Priyank’s behaviour on the show. In her interviews, Divya had expressed the fact that she is hurt because Priyank never took her name even once on the Bigg Boss show. Priyank was instead mentioning to Hina Khan that his ‘jaan’ is in the US.

It wasn’t fake:

Divya cried when she said to Priyank that people outside the house have started calling them a ‘fake couple’. The duo met on Splitsvilla, where both had shared a great chemistry and had said they are in a relationship. #DivYank was created by their fans, who found them to be one of the cutest couple on Splitsvilla. Divya said to Priyank that she is shocked by his behaviour on the show. “Fake toh nahi tha, at least mere side se nahi,” says Divya as she struggles to maintain her composure.

I have parted ways with you:

Over the past few weeks, Divya had been vocal about her thoughts on Priyank’s behaviour on the show. She also broke up with him publicly as the closeness and intimacy between Priyank and ex-Bigg Boss 11 contestant Benafsha Soonawalla had irked her. After getting evicted, Benafsha clarified that there was nothing between her and Priyank and it was all a joke. But seems like Divya has made up her mind. She tells Priyank, “You are not this Priyank. You have hurt a lot of women, including me. Whatever you earned…you have lost a lot.” She then adds that she has parted ways with him. “I supported you to a great extent, fought so hard for you. I never saw my existence anywhere on the show,” she said. By this time, Priyank’s eyes had started welling up, and Divya slowly wipes his tears away saying that there is still time for him to make up for it.

You don’t need a group:

Divya tells Priyank that he doesn’t need anyone’s support to survive in the show. She was possibly hinting at the ‘connection’ that Priyank was building with ex-contestant Benafsha Soonawalla. Divya also added that Priyank is strong enough to survive by himself. Shockingly, Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi, two of Priyank’s best friends in the house were standing right next to Priyank when Divya advised him that he doesn’t need a group to survive. After her exit, viewers saw Luv Tyagi getting angry at Divya’s comments about Priyank not needing a group in the house. Hina later pacifies him saying that it is okay, everyone has their opinion.

Vikas is the only true friend:

Not only did Divya tell Priyank that he doesn’t need a group to survive, but she also told him that he has no other friend in the house other than Vikas Gupta. Vikas, Divya and Priyank know each other and had been friends before Bigg Boss 11. Divya then tells Priyank that Vikas has thought far ahead of you and that he should listen to him. In a way, Divya has accused Hina and Luv of not being true friends of Priyank and this shocked viewers.

Divya’s comments also got the Twitterati talking. Here is what they said:

Many applauded Divya’s bold statements:

Losing fans?

And some trolled Priyank for his alleged list of girlfriends:

Watch the video here:

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Before leaving the house, Divya tells Priyank that she was actually about to yell at him, but his face melted her heart. She then made a hasty exit, before Priyank could even speak a word to her. After Divya left the house, viewers saw Vikas telling others that this is Priyank’s “modus operandi”, i.e. to make a new girlfriend in every show. To be fair, Priyank got no chance to respond to the allegations made by Divya. His fans have been defending him on social media, but seems like Priyank has a lot of issues to sort out after he comes out of the Bigg Boss 11 house.