Television actress and Bigg Boss 11 winner, Shilpa Shinde has deleted her Twitter account and has claimed she will not be coming back on the micro-blogging site. The Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai actress, who was quite vocal about her views on certain issues, has often been trolled and criticized for her tweets. She has also stated that social media is not for her. Also Read - Sonu Sood For PM? Vir Das' Idea Gets Janta's Approval on Twitter

Shilpa spoke to Spotboye to express her experience on social media and said, “Last night, one of my fans posted something tagging me and I retweeted it. After which I saw my own fans counselling me that why you want to get into other’s matters. Basically what I have understood is that our fans just want to know about our day-today life and upcoming projects which I also don’t mind doing. But for me, social media is beyond that where you can raise your voice, keep your opinions and not only me, but everybody has that right. But the moment we come up with an opinion or try to keep a point, fans come to correct you as to why are you saying all this, that’s their matter. Please delete or add that account and I didn’t like it. In short, my own fans were trying to control me which I didn’t like at all.” Also Read - Kangana Ranaut's Sister Rangoli Chandel Comes to her Rescue, Plans to Sue Designers Who Banned Actor

After being on Twitter for a long time, she told the Times of India, “Social media is a brutal place. My fans are extremely possessive about me. So when there are negative comments about me or people are trolling me, my feed is flooded by fan messages. See, I’m least bothered by haters, but my fans go reckless about it. Social media is for socializing, for expressing views, but people want to know everything. I feel social media is not for me.” Also Read - ‘From The Desk Of Donald J Trump’: Former US President Launches New Communications Platform Months After Twitter Ban

However, her fans are disheartened after she has quit Twitter but her haters rejoiced.

One user wrote, “#ShilpaShinde  just forget all & stay safe .i hope u come back soon with fresh mind & mood just to focus on so much positive  love that u deserve from Ur fans  di its apt for all & enjoy ur life with peace  Amen God bless  U ,we miss U di@ShindeAshutosh.” While the other said, “When @ShindeShilpaS Troll others then it is okay.. But when haters troll her then she cant tolerate.. Utna hi do..jitna aap lene ki capacity rakhte ho…To put opinion and to troll others are two different things..#Shilpa#ShilpaBhagGayi #ShilpaShinde.”

Check out the tweets here:

Recalling a particular incident, Shilpa said, “Like, I tweeted for Danish Zehen tagging Mumbai Police. God forbid, no one should experience this in their lives but I felt it was mysterious hence I decided to raise my voice for it. Unfortunately, in spite of supporting me on this, the people who follow me started correcting me that why you want to jump in to this. And I feel that’s the reason in today’s world people don’t come ahead to help others.”

Well, we hope she comes back to social media soon.