Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu are two of the most popular contestants on the popular reality TV show, Bigg Boss 12. The couple has entered as a celebrity Jodi inside the house and has been keeping the audience interested in their chemistry. Recently, the two went for a romantic date that was arranged by Bigg Boss to end their differences. Now, the couple will surprise the audiences with a sizzling pole dance. Also Read - Anup Jalota Now Speaks on Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case, Says 'It's Not a National Security Issue'

A video of theirs is going viral on the internet where  Anup is seen acting as a pole and Jasleen dances around him. There was a funny segment in the clip where comedy queen Bharti Singh mimics Jasleen and dances with Anup while he still pretends to be a pole. Also Read - Anup Jalota Comments on Jasleen Matharu's 'Glamorous Dressing', Says he Wouldn't Have Married Her Even at 35

Check out Anup and Jasleen’s pole dance video here:

A few days ago, the two were seen having a strong argument. It all happened when Jasleen refused to give up her clothes and makeup to save Anup in the ‘kidnapper’ task. The Bhajan singer got really pissed with her and announced that he would be playing separately in the game from then. Jasleen, however, kept making him understand about her reason for choosing her clothes and makeup over him.

It all ended when the two were sent on a private date last night by Bigg Boss. The activity area was decorated with all sorts of romantic things and there was a dinner table where the two enjoyed their meal. Later, Jasleen again apologised for hurting Anup. The man finally forgave her and even shared his feelings by giving a red rose to her. And now, as the show takes a new twist, Bigg Boss has decided to separate the two, albeit for a while.