Patna: In usual circumstances, if you happen to lose your money on the road, it is next to impossible to get it back because by the time you realize that it’s gone, someone or the other might have picked it up. But the same scenario doesn’t play out in a Covid-19 world! Also Read - Money Heist Season 5? Monkey Leaves Twitterati in Splits as Video of it Withdrawing Money From ATM Goes Viral

Due to many rumours and fake news regarding currency notes being the carrier of Covid-19 infection, many people are unlikely to touch it because of the fear. The same happened with a man in Bihar, who was able to recover the Rs 20,500 he lost, thanks to coronavirus!

As per a reports, Gajendra Shah, an auto driver left his home in Kopa village of Saharsa district with wife on Saturday morning due to the lockdown restrictions in the state. In order to buy a tin-shed from the market, he also carried a sum of 20,500 rupees in cash but soon realized that it is missing.

“I realised that the cash must have fallen when I took out chewing tobacco from my pocket. Though I did not know where exactly it happened, I got down from my auto and walked back a few kilometres searching for my money,” he said.

Dejected and lost after losing 2 months of hard-earned money, he went back home where his neighbours told him neighbours that there are viral messages on social media claiming that ‘coronavirus infected notes’ are recovered by police.

So, he went to the police station where the police officer said that some locals had indeed called him to inform about the money lying on the road because no one dared to touch it.

After the verification process and written undertaking from some witnesses about the cash, the money was handed over to Gajendra.