In a shocking video that has been circulating online, a male wedding guest attending a marriage was kidnapped and forced to marry a girl at gunpoint recently. When the man tried to resist, the girl’s family screams at him and says, ‘Shut up – we’re only marrying you, not hanging you.’ Reportedly, this is an old tradition in Bihar, called ‘pakadua shadi’ (forced marriage). The man who was forced to marry at gunpoint has been identified as Vinod Kumar, who works as a junior manager at Bokaro Steel Plant (BSP) in Jharkhand’s Bokaro.

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Vinod Kumar had reportedly travelled to Patna by train with a friend on December 2 to attend another friend’s wedding at Islampur. Men armed with guns forced him to sit in a Scorpio and brought him to Surendra Yadav’s house. The forced wedding took place at Pandarak in Patna district. In the video clips, the 29-year-old techie can be seen protesting and crying and refusing to put sindoor (vermillion) on the bride’s forehead. To this, the girl’s relatives respond by saying, “Are you being hanged? We are solemnising your wedding only” and “Why are you worried? Which mountain is being placed on your head?” Also Read - 'Don't Ever Talk to The President that Way': Donald Trump Snaps at Reporter Over Election Question | Watch

Watch video of the incident:

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Vinod’s brother Awadesh had been quoted saying that the police is not helping them. “He (Vinod) was forced to marry the girl at her house at gunpoint on December 3. He was abducted by her brother, Surendra Yadav, in a Scorpio car the previous night. “Police are not helping us,” said Awadesh, adding that it was a conspiracy to abduct his brother and force him to get married. The Pandarak police station has asked the boy’s family to file a complaint at Mokama as the incident occurred there. Surprisingly, marriages by abduction have been on the rise in Bihar. The tradition started mainly as a fallout of the custom of dowry. Even as the state cracks down on dowry, the number of pakadua shadi’s continues to soar.