In a major embarrassment for the Nitish Kumar government, a video of the newly sworn-in education minister of Bihar, wherein he is unable to recite the national anthem correctly, is going viral on social media. Notably, the Rashtriya Janata Dal on Wednesday posted an old video of Mewalal Choudhary singing Jana Gana Mana on Twitter. He not only mispronounced many words but also added random words before abruptly ending the national anthem.Also Read - 13 Out of 15 Bihar Ministers Are Crorepatis, Highest From BJP: Report

Sharing the video, Rashtriya Janata Dal wrote: ”Bihar Education Minister Mewalal Chaudhary, accused of several corruption cases, does not even know the national anthem. Nitish Kumar ji, Is there any shame left? Where did the conscience sink?” (translated from Hindi)

The video shows him dressed in white kurta paijama and white Gandhi topi with saffron jacket struggling to recite the national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ while unfurling the tricolor.

Watch the video here:

‘An education minister who doesn’t know the national anthem?’, was the reaction of many after watching the video

In 2017, Choudhary was sacked from JD(U) for his alleged involvement in a corruption case while he was the vice-chancellor of the Bihar Agriculture University in Bhagalpur. However, he later re-inducted in the party.

“The corrupt JDU MLA Mewalal has been given a ministerial position by Nitish Kumar. This is the double standard of Nitish Kumar, the patron of 60 scams. This man can fall to the lowest level for a chair,” the RJD had tweeted on Tuesday. Mewalal Choudhary is also the wealthiest minister in Nitish Kumar’s cabinet.

Seven other ministers who are a part of Nitish Kumar’s new cabinet, also have criminal cases lodged against them.