Bike Stunt Video Viral: Another video of a dangerous bike stunt has gone viral which went horribly wrong. A young Indian man can be seen attempting to pull off a stunt on his motorbike but it ended breaking his neighbour’s wall.Also Read - Dangerous Bike Stunt: Stuntman Alex Harvill Crashes To His Death While Attempting World Record Jump | Watch

The video was posted on Instagram by a user called ‘splendor_bullet_love’ and within a few days it has received thousands of likes and views. Also Read - Bike Stunt Video Viral: Man Attempts Dangerous Bike Stunt, But It Goes Horribly Wrong | Watch

In the video, the young man can be seen riding his bike on its back-wheel on some water with the front-wheel in the air. While the biker had a helmet on, he was doing a dangerous stunt in a congested lane.

The neighbour who was watching his stunt did not expect what happened next. When the bike slipped, it dragged across the wall of the neighbour’s house, breaking down almost the entire wall.

Watch the viral video below: