Memes on internet are one of the greatest and most hilarious things that can be seen. Photoshopped images of Priyanka Chopra, memes of celebrities and even political figures like US President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi often do the rounds. Netizens are always on the lookout of such meme worthy photos of celebrities and world leaders that has potential of becoming a viral and hilarious meme. This time an image of former US President Bill Clinton hiding behind two Bushes (statues of George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush) has left the Twitterati and netizens in frenzy with excitement.Also Read - 6 Real Photos of Bollywood Actresses That Show Wrinkles Are Natural, Beautiful, And Absolutely Fine

The former President recently visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas where he took the meme-worthy photo. He was there to celebrate this year’s graduating class from the Presidential Leadership Scholars program. Bill Clinton who is known for his sense of humour took the opportunity to hide between the Bushes and was snapped by a reporter, since then the photo has gone viral with numerous photoshopped images of the former United States President doing the rounds on social media. In fact, many people on Twitter highlighted the fact that the photo is historically accurate as Bill Clinton served as President between the father-son Bushes’ tenure. Also Read - 'Looks Like I Might..': Parag Agrawal’s First Tweet When He Joined Twitter as an Employee

Reporter Yashar Ali shared the photo of Bill Clinton peeking from behind the statue of the younger Bush grinning and looking like a hobbit next to the two large bronze statues. MET Gala 2017: Priyanka Chopra wows with trench coat gown but Twitterati equate it to Swacch Bharat Abhiyan! Also Read - Making India Proud! From Parag Agrawal to Sundar Pichai, 10 Indian-Origin CEOs Who Are Heading World's Biggest Companies

Many took a dig at Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer whose photo of hiding behind bushes at the White House had become a hit meme in May.

Soon Twitter was on fire sharing jokes on the images. Sample a few below:

People started photoshopping the image and even NASA tried its hand at it.



Even former President Bill Clinton took a dig at his own photo

Bill Clinton served between the George H.W.Bush and his son George W.Bush’s presidency. Bill Clinton defeated the senior Bush in the 1992 Presidential campaign but share a long and close friendship with the Bush family.