Setting an example for rich people across the globe, philanthropist and billionaire Bill Gates, was once again seen blending with the crowd as he was spotted standing in line at a Dick’s Drive-In in Seattle. Widely known for his burger preferences at Burgermaster in Bellevue, the Microsoft founder was photographed over the weekend and surprisingly seen opting for a Dick’s Drive-In, instead of his favourite. In the shared picture by a Mike Galos, Gates is seen donning a maroon sweatshirt, paired with grey trousers and a matching pair of shoes, looking on as he awaits his turn in the line. Also Read - Cyber ALERT: Chinese Hackers Breach Microsoft Business Email Software Raising Security Crisis Globally. Details Here

Galos, who is an ex-Microsoft employee, captured the moment where the burger-loving billionaire is seen casually standing with his hands in his pockets with the person before him oblivious to his presence. Sharing the picture on social media, Galos captioned it, “When you’re worth about $100,000,000,000, run the largest charity in the history of the world and stand in line for a burger, fries and Coke at Dick’s like the rest of us…THIS is how real rich people behave unlike the gold toilet seat wannabe poser in the White House” (sic). Also Read - Facebook, Google, Microsoft, TikTok Adopt Australian Misinformation Code to Address Spread of Fake News

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Galos saw the image on a Microsoft alumni board and wrote in the comments that Gates was at Dick’s Drive-In on Northeast 45th Street in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood on Sunday night. This is however not the first time that Gates was seen mingling with the Northwest everyman despite his immense wealth and celebrity status. among other locations, Gates and his wife Melinda have often been spotted at the now-shuttered Harvard Exit movie theater in Capitol Hill.

According to a report in Daily Mail, Galos revealed that instead of letting his massive fortune and celebrity status get into his head, Gates is incredibly humble and said, “Bill’s not big on attention but is generally friendly and understands he’s a bit of a celebrity…I’ve chatted with him at parties before but on the street or in a restaurant I don’t know him well enough to go over and say hi.”

Given that the drive-in’s prices are cheap, the meal at Dick’s was estimated to have cost the billionaire a mere $7.68 since a deluxe burger at the joint is priced at $3.40, fries $1.90 and a large Coke $2.38. During one of his appearances at the University of Washington in 2011, Gates spoke about how being a billionaire can be overrated and the burger lover cited the example of his favourite junk food. “I can understand wanting to have millions of dollars, there’s a certain freedom, meaningful freedom, that comes with that but once you get much beyond that, I have to tell you, it’s the same hamburger. Dick’s has not raised their prices enough” he said earnestly.