Grammy Award singer Billie Eilish lost approximately 100, 000 followers after she took part in a new viral trend on Instagram. Notably, Eilish took part in the viral ‘Post a Picture Of’ Instagram challenge on Monday and a user asked her to post a picture of her mobile device’s lock screen. Also Read - Grammys 2020 Winners List: Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Igor, Win; Academy Pays Emotional Tribute to Kobe Bryant

The singer obliged to the request and posted a screenshot of her iPhone’s lock screen, which shows a watercolour painting of two naked women.

(Trigger warning: NSFW)

In another request, she was asked to share a work of art by her which she is proud of, and in return, Billie again shared a drawing she drew which featured women’s breasts. She wrote alongside the photo, “lol I love b**bs.”

Well, seems some fans weren’t happy because she immediately lost 100,000 followers after sharing the photos.

“Bye not her losing 100K cuz of boobs,” one Instagram follower pointed out, sharing a screengrab showing Eilish’s count drop from 73 million down to 72.9 million in just a few minutes. Currently, Billie’s fan following on IG stands at 72.9 million.

However, Eilish took it in stride and had a non-chalant reply to it. She responded saying, “LMFAOO y’all babies smh,” along with two skull emojis.

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