What is the secret to a long and healthy life? Nutritious food, adequate sleep, regular exercise, might be the top answers to this question in addition to abstaining from bad habits like smoking and drinking. However, a 100-year-old man in China has a completely opposite answer! The elderly man who celebrated his 100th birthday on June 27, credits cigarettes, alcohol, and junk food for his longevity.Also Read - Study Reveals How Smoking Worsens COVID-19 Infection Airways

During a TV interview earlier this year, the man identified as Zhang Kemin, says that a lifetime of smoking, drinking, and eating whatever he wants is the secret to his long life. He added that he never worries about what he eats and hardly ever gets annoyed, LADbible reported.

He even called alcohol and cigarettes, the biggest passions in his life. However, he admitted that he had to cut down on alcohol after turning 90 as he ‘didn’t want to cause any accidents at work’.

Talking about smoking, he said that he picked up the bad habit when he was 20 years old because he needed to socialise and revealed that he still gets through a packet of cigarettes every day. He does not have any major health issues and claims the only problem he has is some hearing difficulties.

He said: “Now I can’t figure out whether smoking and drinking are good or bad.”

Kemin currently shares his home with five generations of his family and passes his time by smoking and watching TV.